Top 5 Common Problems With Automatic Washing Machines

Washing machines come in a variety of designs. But troubles are common in all of them. Sometimes they stop mid-cycle. At other times they make strange noises and vibrations. The washing machine motor is the most difficult part of this household appliance. All these problems only put more strain on homeowners, wasting a vital amount of their time, money, and efforts. However, these are only little of the many common washing machine evils that homeowners face on a regular basis.

Here, let us take a look at a little more such washing machine evils.

1. Washing Machine Refusing To Start

Your washing machine may not be starting due to diverse reasons. Its connection may have loosened from the core power switch or the power socket may not be working. Sometimes the door lock also creates troubles, stopping the washing machine from starting.
At times, there are evils with the control module or power switch. So, if you are not knowledgeable in dealing with high voltages and live wires, you must call for Just Call expert repair services to address the matter.

2. Washing Machine Not Draining – Creating sound

If your washing machine is creating noises while draining water, or not draining water at all, its drain pump may be sterile or faulty. This may occur due to accumulation of grime or cloth fibers.
So, either you can clean up the pump and attach the hose yourself, or do what is more recommended – hire a capable, since this will need entire dismantling of the pump assembly.

3. Washing Machine Does Not Spin

The drainage system and the whirling mechanism of your washing machine are both connected. So, your machine will not work if there is a difficulty with its drainage system.
A washing machine devoid of a functional drainage system won’t work!
There is a possibility that the hose extending to the pump or the pump filter itself is infertile.
There is also probability that the motor capacitor of your machine has failed, or the belt attaching to the drum, from the motor, has come off or snapped.

4. Washing Machine Vibrating Excessively

Your washing machine may be vibrating very due to an unbalanced tub, or may be because the whole washing machine isn’t placed on a flat parallel surface.
Sometimes the tub gets unequal because of wear and tear of the machine’s suspension system. So, it is also significant to not to overload the machine for the smooth running of the suspension device.

5. Leaking Washing Machine

The possible reasons causing this difficulty include; blockage in the drain pipe, build-up of detergent that hasn’t dissolved, over-filling, and surges in power supply. Addressing this matter requires the knowledge and skills of a washing machine professional.
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